Today I leave for Apogaea, the Colorado Regional Burning Man festival.

There's a reason festivals like this have become so popular. There's a reason Burning Man itself has grown from a population of a few thousand during its early years in the desert to something like 70,000 last year. At their best, festivals can be hugely energizing. I came back from my first Burning Man in 2005 and felt like I was glowing for months. My creativity surged. Whatever energy I put into that first Burn, I got back many times over. And that's not an uncommon experience. The positive impact on one's energy can be genuinely life-changing.

I'm not sure that experience is available to me any longer. We change
and grow, and what was a clear net-positive at one point may be neutral or worse at another. So one intention I have going into Apogaea is to find the answer to this question: is it time for me to close this chapter in my life? The answer will be clear in terms of my energy on the other side of the event. The way I figure it, I come out ahead either way: either I get that charge again or else, by letting go, I free up energy for whatever's to come next.

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